Helping companies grow their innovation capabilities.

I know, I know… lately it feels like a buzzword.

For me, Innovation is about developing something new that creates value for people and impacts the market. It starts by identifying real problems, and it flourishes applying a strategic understanding of human needs and technology to get creative solutions.

It’s proven that when we design with intention, based on insights and context, the probabilities of bringing meaningful solutions to the market increase.

There are different types of Innovation, and each of them requires different strategic and organizational implications, different ways of working. You can work from incremental changes improving your business to exploring new opportunities looking to disrupt the market with different business models. That’s called growth innovation — an effort to develop new value propositions, new business models, and other types of growth engines.

How to get

It’s all about the process. How you treat problems and how you validate your ideas. My approach is based on Design Thinking.

I got inspired by the food analogy Jon Courtney from AJ&Smart uses in one of his videos to explain what is Design Thinking and what is a Design Sprint.

In real life, you might need to cook several times your cake until it is the best cake in the world! That is why innovation is about great execution.

Design Thinking is a mindset. A way of thinking about problems. You have to figure out how to apply the mindset and methods.

It is a clear process to kick off a project. It’s helpful to validate your ideas. You still need to implement, launch, and iterate.

“Once you have mastered a technique, you barely have to look at a recipe again” ―Julia Child.

Usually, there are some obstacles along the way

I can help you

Live the process from 4.200€
Solve big challenges or kick-off a project. Outcome: Feedback from real users to make strategic decisions. 
Learn about the process from 2.400€
Intense training about Design Thinking. Outcome: Get familiar with a human-centered approach to solve complex problems.
A sneak peek of the process from 1.200€
Define and solve a real problem in your organization through prototyping. Outcome: Feasible solution(s) and hands-on experience in Design Thinking.
Find your direction from 800€
Identify problems worth-solving and opportunities to improve your business. Outcome: A list of problems and/or opportunities to focus on.
Some of the tools involved during the strategy sessions might be the customer journey map, business model canvas, service blueprint among others. Open to midterm projects and tailor-made training.

One mission: think, prototype and build a bright future.