I adjust to each company

My Design Thinking training is a two-day hands-on learning experience. You and your team will get the foundation to solve complex problems through a human-centered approach. I’ll ask you in advance for current challenges to use them as preparation to tailor-made the content.

Main topics are:
How to scope a project?
How to get meaningful insights?
Co-creation principles
How to build a useful prototype?
Testing & iteration

Other tools I can teach:

– Jobs-to-be-done stories vs user stories (Design Thinking in combination with Agile)
– Jobs-to-be-done technique
– Customer Journey Map
– Business Blueprint to refine your offering
– Service Blueprint to implement a multidisciplinary project
– Stakeholders Map
– Employee experience design

I will make sure to understand your current situation, how do you work and which are your goals to suggest you the tool(s) the can fits the best your needs providing also tangible results.

Remember the goal with these tools is to increase your customer-centricity and improve your current customer experience.

If you want a more in-depth training is also possible.

A Jam is a time-pressure process to (re)define and solve a real problem in your organization through prototyping. The intention is to live a design thinking process developing a feasible solution(s).

I’ll ask you in advance for:
(1) A specific current challenge to use it to kick-off the Jam
(2) Roles and/or profiles we should have for the empathy and testing phase
(3) Recruit and invite those profiles for 30′

Please take into account that during the Jam the idea is to tackle a challenge with a multidisciplinary team, participants should reflect that.

Other sessions I can facilitate*:

– Design research & insights

– Jobs-to-be-done

– Co-creations & brainstorming

– Prototyping
– User-centered stories (in combination with business analysts)

– Customer Journey Map

– Business Blueprint

– Service Blueprint

– Stakeholders Map

– Hackathons or time-pressure events

Gain valuable time having someone with the proper expertise leading your sessions. I will ask for the context, challenge, and goal in order to refine with you a useful agenda.

*Duration of the session will vary. No theory is involved.

A Design Sprint is a 4-day process to solve big challenges or kick-off a new project. The goal is to make a strategic product or service decisions (features & benefits) based on feedback from real or potential users. Please count with one week of preparation.

I highly recommend
using the design sprints formats no just for digital products or services but also for marketing and sales purposes.

The plan during the week looks like:
Monday: Align, map, and sketch
Tuesday: Decide and storyboard
Wednesday: Prototype
Thursday: Test

Other design processes I can lead:

– Define a customer experience for digital products or services (using design thinking with agile sprints)

– Design an employee experience & culture

– Implement digital transformation process

During those process, I embed in your company like another employee, in order to implement one of the above projects. This is not one session-work, this type of projects requires for me to be one more of your team for a period of time. I’ll be accountable for all the design process, from the scope definition to the requirements phase for implementation.

The strategy sessions are helpful to identify problems worth-solving for your customers and opportunities to improve your business.

I will guide you to:
– Understand and define your target audience

– Build your value proposition accordingly

– Define revenue streams

– Design the customer experience

– Prepare crowdfunding campaigns

The ultimate goal is to refine your business proposition from a customer perspective. By using prototypes, I’ll encourage you to define assumptions and build quick experiments to gather relevant data so you can make informed decisions. I usually put the focus on three main aspects: the offer, the delivery, the cost-revenue.

Check my business mentorship program Sassy Bizz.

Design as a core business competence

Designful company is a special program applies Design Thinking to three main areas of a company:

Area 1 Leadership: Define your vision and business strategy. For C’s level roles.

Area 2 Employee Experience: Design the best work environment to achieve your company vision. For HHRR or related positions.

Area 3 Customer Journey Managers: Understand your end-to-end customer experience and learn how to approach challenges with the customer in mind to offer a consistently great service. For manager or lead positions.

You can choose any area to start with, if you complete all, you have all the knowledge and practice to become a designful company. A company that embraces design to drive innovation across its structure and want their employees to be proud of their work, their customers engaged with the brand and your shareholders happy with your performance.

Why hire me as a facilitator or designer?

  • I bring you relevant experience, skills, and a result-driven mindset
  • I thrive to bridge the gap between business strategy and customer experience
  • I create a good collaboration atmosphere keeping the team on track
  • I encourage to prototype to find the answers you need based on evidence
  • I help you craft the right agenda, participants, and workshop tools/materials
  • You will get a fresh, unbiased, and objective perspective
  • You’ll have more time to focus on participating and deliver your expertise
  • Plus, I’ve done it before!

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