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I love helping entrepreneurs, startups, or companies to build meaningful and sustainable businesses.


Mentorship Program

This program is designed to help you to refine your business idea in two main areas, the offer and the delivery. It doesn’t matter if your idea is on paper or already in the market.

1st Let’s find your problem-solution fit (offer)
Week 1. Problem space: We will analyze the value of your business. What problem are you solving, or what situation are you improving?

Week 2. Solution space:
We will frame assumptions and build a prototype of the value proposition, including the offer, to collect evidence and adjust the proposal.

The goal during these two weeks is to find your Problem-Solution fit, that moment when your idea has no more risky assumptions, and you can say:

1. Who is your customer
2. Why they need your solution (what they can do with it)
3. How your solution is solving the problem effectively
4. Your solution is viable and feasible (economic, technical, legal)


2nd Let’s connect your business strategy with your customer experience (delivery)
Week 3. Experience design: This week is about the delivery of your business proposition. We will collect insights to build your customer journey (what they are doing, why, when, and where) to find ways to design a consistent, smooth overall experience, from discovering your offer, buying it and enjoying it.

Week 4. Business design:
The last week of the program is dedicated to evaluating your costs and (re)design your revenue streams to bring your delivery alive. A second prototype to collect information about these costs and prices will be done.

The more you learn. The more you earn.

My philosophy is to encourage you to define assumptions and build quick experiments to gather relevant data. Feel confident to make informed decisions for your business plan and bring into the market a solution that is desirable, feasible and viable.

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