Client: Starlab                                                    Location: Barcelona, Spain

Role: Service Designer & Facilitator              Duration: 4 months

Skills: Facilitation, Dynamic speaker, Design Thinking, Service Design, Business Strategy

Starlab is a high-tech company active in Space & Neuroscience, with a big team of researchers who also perform in some cases the role of business development. This dual function allows the company to create some tools that can be monetized in order to continue with the research work. In the Neuroscience business unit, a helmet to detect brain activity has built. This element it’s being used as a marketing tool for companies to measure the acceptance of their products. In the Space business unit, a green-tech platform has been done, but the company has detected they need to include stakeholders and end-users into their process to create more solid and useful solutions.

Main responsibilities

  • Define a tailor-made 5-hour session for Starlab’s researchers in order to learn human-centered methodologies (focused on the Space business unit)
  • Facilitation of Design Thinking session, where all the phases were explained with hands-on activities
  • Create a DIY (do it yourself) kit for the researchers, so they can continue their learnings and apply the techniques exposed on the session. The DIY kit includes a printed guide and brainstorming cards

Video of one of the projects during the Testing phase



Session pictures

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Tailor-made printed material 

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Digital tools & Littlebits (prototyping items)

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