Client: Healthcare communication agency         Location: Barcelona, Spain

Role: Service Designer & Facilitator                     Duration: 5 months

Skills: Empathy, Design Thinking, Facilitation, UX Strategy, Service Design

Healthcare communication agency focused on strategic consultancy, advertising, online marketing, scientific evidence, and digital services. For this agency, I developed a UX project in two aspects: User research and Co-creation, in order to detect the key design indicators to redefine a pharmaceutical website (A non-disclosure agreement has been signed, the customer names are confidential).

Main responsibilities

  • Plan a UX strategy to define the new content of a pharmaceutical website
  • Develop a quantitative user research through a digital questionnaire and build the user profiles
  • Define and execute a co-creation session (qualitative research) to understand and detect the needs of the user profiles on a pharma website
  • Build insights and determine the key design indicators that will lead the website’s re-design

Session pictures

[minti_gallery ids=”45,47,514,515,516,518″ columns=”6″ style=”2″]

Websites paper prototypes (made by the attendees)

[minti_gallery ids=”509,510,511,512″ columns=”4″ style=”2″]

Digital questionnaire

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