Client: Healthcare communication agency        Location: Barcelona, Spain

Role: Service Designer                                            Duration: 10 months

Skills: Empathy, Design Thinking, Facilitation, Needs finding, Critical thinking, UX Strategy, Service Design

Healthcare communication agency focused on strategic consultancy, advertising, online marketing, scientific evidence, and digital services. For this agency, I’m currently working on a Service Design project related to improving the experience of a specific group of patients that receive a cancer treatment. (A non-disclosure agreement has been signed, the customer names are confidential)

Main responsibilities

  • Plan a UX strategy for two projects: the improvement of the patient experience that receives a cancer treatment and, the UX vision of an app for the same patient group
  • Develop a quantitative user research in two different key hospitals in Spain to detect pain points and build the patient journey
  • Define and execute two co-creation sessions (qualitative research) to understand and detect the needs of the patients
  • Build insights and determine the ideas to improve the patient journey
  • Develop with psycho-oncologists a demo program for a mobile app
  • Define and execute a UX testing of the demo program in two hospitals

User research, demo program planning, prototypes, and other pictures are yet classified information.

Some phases of this projects are currently being worked.

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