Client: Mobdala                             Location: Barcelona, Spain

Role: Business Development      Duration: 12 months, full-time

Skills: Business strategy, Wireless, and Networking technology expertise, Service Design, Design Thinking, User Research, UX Strategy

Mobdala is a Barcelona startup focused on mobile geolocated services. It provides intelligence on wireless infrastructures. This means, knowledge about the customer’s behavior based on the use of WiFi connections in big venues like Shopping centers, Stadiums, Hotel, Conference spaces, Airports, Festivals, etc. This data, shown in a dashboard; is valuable information to define effective business strategies, increasing the return of the wireless investment.

Main responsibilities

  • Detect potential stakeholders
  • Define partnership strategies for the stakeholders according to their needs
  • Design and develop demo projects with key customers to try out the dashboard and improve the basic
  • KPIs for each business sector (Shopping malls, Festivals, Stadiums, etc.). This task was performed along with the Software & Operation department
  • Development of a Demokit to facilitates a trial of the SaaS (Software as a Service) to potential customers


Business Session: 

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> Metrics/KPIs mock-ups:

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> Business Use for the retail segment:

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Success Cases – Demo projects (° top achievement)

  • Crüilla Barcelona Summer Festival: Provide behavior analytics from the audience
    • Establish the partnership with the festival
  • Festival Jardins de Pedralbes: Provide behavior analytics from the audience and send promotional push messages according to time and position to the attendees
    • Create the user experience with beacons and specific positions inside the venue and the marketing campaign associated
  • CaixaBank: Design an interactive game for kids using the technology from the platform
    • Part of the creative team, which develop the concept and interactivity of the game
  • Pangea The travel store: Provide behavior analytics from the visitors
    • Establish the partnership with the store


Final concepts

> Demokit for try-out:

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>Kids user experience through a wireless experience:

[minti_gallery ids=”424″ columns=”3″ style=”2″]

> Final dashboard:

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