Client: Mediolanum Bank                                 Location: Barcelona, Spain

Role: Service Designer & Facilitator               Duration: 1.5 months

Skills: Facilitation, Dynamic speaker, Design Thinking, Service Design, Business Strategy

Mediolanum Bank is a traditional Italian bank that prioritizes strong relationships and exclusive services for their customers. Since two years the bank has been working on an internal innovation program to develop new customer-centered services. The development is done by multidisciplinary teams across the bank, that comes together and work on different ideas, afterward these go through a selection process on the board member, to finally implement the most feasible and innovative ones.

Main responsibilities

  • Design a 4-hour workshop for the multidisciplinary groups (different departments involved in the internal innovation program) with the goal of learning and introduce a user-centered methodology in the concept development of the idea
  • Prepare visual tools that help the teams define the basic elements (resources and profiles) that will be needed to implement the idea, build the -innovative- strategy plan
  • Create a printed guide for the attendees “A quick Innovation guide, based on Design Thinking” so they can continue their learnings and apply the techniques exposed on during the session

Printed tools & Quick Guide

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