Client: Mediolanum Bank                                 Location: Barcelona, Spain

Role: Service Designer & Facilitator               Duration: 3 months

Skills: Facilitation, Dynamic speaker, Design Thinking, Service Design, Business Strategy

Mediolanum Bank is a traditional Italian bank that prioritizes strong relationships and exclusive services for their customers.

Main responsibilities

  • Design a 6-hour Kick-off session to inspire the top executives of the Mediolanum’s Barcelona branch office, in order to prepare them for 2016 challenges, taking into account the growth that is having the Fintech sector
  • Put together a series of videos related to Fintech (with its Spanish translation) as an inspirational action to trigger conversations
  • Dinamize and facilitate tailor-made dynamics to the Barcelona’s board members
  • Embrace in the audience the ability to start thinking from their user’s perspective, taking into account the Fintech trends

Inspirational video



Session pictures

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