Client: HPS                                                           Location: Casablanca, Morocco

Role: Lead Presenter + UX Strategist              Duration: 2 months

Skills: Facilitation, Dynamic speaker, Design Thinking, Service Design, Business Strategy, UX Design

HPS is an innovative payment software company at the forefront of the international payments industry. PowerCARD is HPS’s pioneering suite of solutions and can process any card type (credit, debit, prepaid, loyalty, corporate and fuel) via any channel (ATM, POS, internet and mobile) covering the entire payments chain, and used by over 350 payments operators worldwide. HPS, a truly global company which operates in over 85 countries in five regions, and counts several leading financial institutions among its clients. HPS is implementing an Open Innovation program, and this type of activities are key elements for future services and talent acquisition.

Main responsibilities

  • Determine fun dynamics to keep the attendees active during the 10 phases of the 48 hours of the 1st Global Hackathon, focused on re-define the shopping experience
  • Lead Presenter (dinamizer) of the hackathon, including the welcoming of the event and the closure ceremony
  • UX strategy facilitator, responsible to help each team to define the best user experience (user’s journey & usability design) in their projects
  • Prepare the teams for their final pitches in two main areas: speech and visual support, before the presentations in front of the jury

Official “Best of HPS International Hackathon” video



Strategy ice-breaker game video



Top user journeys

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