Client: Healthcare communication agency              Location: Barcelona, Spain

Role: Facilitator                                                              Duration: 1.5 months

Skills: Business Development, Facilitation, Design Thinking, Service Design Strategy

Healthcare communication agency focused on strategic consultancy, advertising, online marketing, scientific evidence, and digital services. For this agency, I developed a Business Strategy session for a pharmaceutical company that is looking to develop a holistic strategy for the launch of a new product.

Main responsibilities

  • Plan a Business Strategy 4-hour session for a multidisciplinary group: different departments involved in the new medicine’s launching (marketing, sales, medical, research, etc)
  • Integrate into the session, elements of the new medicine’s branding plan

Facilitate the session with new dynamics that can help to define a SWOT diagram (airplane metaphor), success’s factors and key elements in order to build the key launching strategies

outcomes are classified information.

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