On a flight connection from Barcelona to London back in 2013 with final destination: Chicago, I got inspired by the Flight Captain [read full story here] and had an epiphany moment: “To have the job of my dreams, I have to build the place where I want to work”. So, on top of the English Channel, I sketched my dreamed company: a place where imagination will be the basis and making things happen will be the main goal. That is how Dreamkers: dreamers + makers = was born.

– Iva. #mindshaker

This is our essence

We shake, empower and learn from the collective imagination.

Our lovely Studio

Is a nomad organization, we usually work on field, outside, where all the magic happen.

We understand Business

Keeping in mind your resources, we take you from wherever you are, to a service your users will love!

The Mindshaker

My background is a mix of technology and creativity. I’m an Electronics Engineer by profession, Design Thinker by passion and Radio Broadcaster by curiosity. My personal fulfillment is related to understand, empathize and connect with people, looking always for the meaningful twist. I’m an enthusiastic innovation explorer, thrilled to re-think how everything works.

FUN facts: I have had a live radio show for 3 years on a local station and share some of my time as a Littlebits educator – love to play with electronics!

Ivanel Pérez Bolívar

Founder & Former CEO

The brain and soul who started this sparkling project.

Now at @Boondoggle as Service Designer.

Emotional Intelligence92%
Critical thinking90%
Dynamic facilitator95%
User Experience90%
Business strategy92%
Technology savvy95%


Take a look at my


Sella Masselink



The most passionate user researcher ever.

The ultimate positive vibe.

Amaia Giralt



Her motto is: Do what you love & do it often.

Always with a camera and an idea.

Maria Fernanda Pante



Our event’s engagement expert, knows well how to design a party.

She thinks in every detail.

Marlene Kirchner



The MBA mind. A change catalyst & innovation evangelist.

The best partner for thinking.

Why do we do this?

Because we love to improve people’s life, whether it is a physical or a digital service,
we will always strive to get them a smile.

We help organizations to [re-]frame and solve specific challenges or create services and experiences; using design thinking tools and methods, lean startup process, hands-on prototyping (people, littlebits, lego, and crafts) and honest inspiration. We bring together: customers, employees, management and designers to work holistically during the process.


We love to dynamize events, pull out the energy and create a nice workflow. We have experience with small and large groups. Whether it is a training to learn, enable or reinforce disruptive processes, build an innovation culture, mentoring at special events (e.g hackathons, jams, sprints) or creating personalized dynamics, we are your reliable partner.


We’d love to work with you.