I am multisdisciplinar

Problem Solving

Problem Solving

It is too easy to get stuck on the same thoughts when you are focused on a certain topic, working with the same people for a period of time. I can help you to boost new approaches, get fresh ideas and align the team into the most user-centered solution.

User Research & Experience

User Research & Experience

Businesses that flourish truly understand their users. I can help you discover what they want and what goes on in their mind in order to create the best user experience (physical or digital).

Prototyping & Testing

Prototyping & Testing

Nowadays, the investment in the development and launching of a product or service must be reduced to the minimum. I can help you to make quick tangible prototypes to validate the proposal with real users. The faster and earlier we test ideas, the better the solution will be. Be lean, be smart.

Service Design Strategist

Service Design Strategist

I help organizations create a sustainable competitive advantage for them. Analyzing or detecting their target user, understanding their context, qualitative and quantitative, I’ll make sure the strategy match also with the needs of the different stakeholders.

Project Management

Project Management

As a freelancer, I have the project management on my DNA. I have to apply my knowledge, skills, tools and techniques of different disciplines in order to meet the requirements of a specific project. Here shines the decision making ability.

Business Development

Business Development

As a business developer, I will help you to figure out how the interactions with your customers, market and value proposition, can be combined to create opportunities for growth. Sounds easy, right?

Some Feedback

“It is important to generate this new mindset, because we want to be more competitive”


“It was amazing how we went from an idea to a prototype so quickly, on the same day! We should do this more often”



Emotional Intelligence92%
Critical thinking90%
Dynamic facilitator95%
User Experience90%
Business strategy92%
Technology savvy95%


Sónar+D ·Creativity and Tech· 2017

Littlebits ambassador and IoT workshop’s facilitator at the Sónar+D 2017. (14-16 June)
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Barcelona Global GovJam 2017

Guest Mentor of the Barcelona Global GovJam 2017 edition. (16-18 May)

OpenIdeo Barcelona Outpost 2017

Team of the BCN OpenIdeo chapter and facilitator of the 1st event. (March 18th)
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WomenTechmakers Madrid 2017

Speaker at #WTM Madrid. A Google initiative to embrace women in Tech. (March 11th)

Ghent Global Service Jam 2017

Lead organizer and facilitator of the 1st Global Service JAM in Ghent, Belgium! (17-19 February)

Barcelona Global GovJam 2016

Guest Mentor of the Barcelona Global GovJam 2016 edition. (31st May – June 1st)

Rome Global Service Jam 2016

International Guest Mentor of the Rome Global Service JAM 2016 edition. (26-28 February)

Barcelona Maker Faire 2016

“Drawbot” workshops for kids. Play, learn and build a robot that can draw with littlebits. (07-February)
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MakerLab @DockerConEU 2015

Organizer of the MakerLab space for DockerCon 2015. (16-17 November)
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Madrid Global Service Jam 2015

Co-organizer of Madrid Global Service JAM 2015 edition. (27 Feb. – March 1st)
Do you have a project related to UX/Service Design? – Do you need to create a new digital service, or just a new feature?
-or maybe- Are you looking to develop a new physical service?
Answer: I can be very, very helpful.
Drop me a line to I’ll get back to you, very, very soon!